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Imagine you are a hotel manager and one of your customers comes to you and says “Please hand over my belongings”. And when you see the area is clean where the customer’s belongings were kept, how would you feel? How embarrassing would it be for you to tell your client that we have lost your belongings?
To keep yourself away from this sort of embarrassment, you need safes. Whether you are in a banking institution or a renowned brand in hospitality industry, having a safe is a must for you.
So, if you are in search of a supplier of a bank safe or a vault door for safe room, you are in the right place. Shinjin Safes Classic is a leading name as a security products supplier:

What do We offer?

Below are our signature products that we offer to our valued clients:
Portable safe
Bank safe
Vault room safe door
Hotel safe
You can’t afford to lose your products and clients at the same time. Through our range of safes, you can avert both the dangers. Be it a large financial institution or a small-scale shop owner, we can cater to any quantity of orders.
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Weapons safe

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Portable safe deposit box

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