Factors and Reasons to Know Before Buying Vault Door

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When you are planning to buy vault doors, you may not know what aspects you need to pay attention to. To keep your valuables secure, you need to buy a vault door. To get the best results and fully secured doors, competent vault door manufacturers are there to assist you.

When you travel and stay at a hotel, you might be worried about your valuables, which you can’t carry all the time. But are you sure that these safes are secure? We can’t assume it! The quality and the security of the safe depend on manufacturers. It is essential for hotel owners to buy a safe from well-known hotel safe manufacturers.

Things to Know Before Buying the Vault Door:


To open the vault door, most of the people use:

  • Electric drills
  • Hammers
  • Flame-cutting guns
  • Other tools

There are 3 levels of this door:

  • 1 (30 minutes)
  • 2 (60 minutes)
  • 3 (120 minutes)

You should select the corresponding level of the vault doors according to the valuables you want to keep. Vault doors need a higher protection level if expensive items are stored.


Decide the size of the vault door according to the items you need to keep. Secondly, also check the door opening through which the vault door will pass.


The type and quantity of the vault door can be configured according to the number of users. Also, check its:

  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages
  • Characteristics
  • Types of locks


The vault door is made of paint and outsourced stainless steel. You need to choose according to the use of the environment and personal preferences.


Vault doors are heavy. To move these doors from one place to another, cranes are used.


Workers who are installing the vault doors should follow the proper installation process. It is required to pay attention to safety during the installation process.


Every six months, open the back door of the vault door and check:

  • The operation of each structure
  • Add lubricant to each active node

Reasons to Buy Vault Door:

  • These doors are reasonable and can easily be afforded in the short and long term.
  • These doors provide better versatility in the space of your room.
  • When these doors are installed in your house, they offer to store any of your valuables.
  • These are easy to install, and sometimes you don’t even need an expert to install these.
  • In case of home invasion, vault doors are used as a safe room.

Opening of the Safe:

Master Code:

One of the easiest ways to open the safe is by using a master code. The master code allows:

  • Configuring the safe
  • Showing the history of usage
  • Opening the door of the safe

The default master code is the sequence of numbers. This sequence can be changed easily.

Lock Picking:

The mechanical method to open the vault door is the use of an emergency key. This key usually has four sections. For a beginner, it is complicated to lock pick this key, but manufacturers can assist in this.

Short Circuit:

The third way is to simulate the opening of the door by causing a short circuit. To know about this technique, we should know how the safe detects if the door is not open.

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