How To Secure Your Gun Room Using Vault Door

Vault room safe door manufacturer

Are you looking for a vault door for your gun room? If so, vault door manufacturers are there to assist you in this regard. When many people hear the word vault, they think of a huge door having human-sized turn wheels. There are many advanced vaults doors available for personal use, same the size as a standard door, including some innovative technology.

Many people around the world are fighting for an extra room in their homes so that they can create a room for gun safe. The key factor of using a vault door is to provide a fully secured and aesthetically appealing gun room at reasonable rates.

Why Buy Vault Door Instead Of Gun Safe?

Vault doors are the best replacement for gun safes. One of the best things about a vault door is the adaptability it brings to a market. These are more secure to use instead of gun-safe as they are versatile. Here are some reasons to buy a vault door for your gun room.

Vault room safe door manufacturer

Reasons To Buy A Vault Door:

  • These doors are affordable in both long-term and short term.
  • These doors provide good and improved versatility in the space of your gun room.
  • If you install a vault door in your home, it gives you the capacity to store your valuables without giving up the space of your gun room.
  • As vault doors are easy to install, you can do it without difficulty. But, it is essential to hire an expert to perform this task.
  • In any case of a home attack, vault doors are used as a safe room.

How To Ensure That Vault Door Fits The door Frame?

Open the door and measure from the very top to the very bottom to determine the door’s height. If your door is old or if your door is tall enough, it will fit perfectly inside the door frame with no adjustments. If the door is more than or less than 80”, however, you will need to get a contractor to come in and secure the vault door’s frame.

It will be easier if you measure the width of the door from one end to the other end while the door is open. You will need a door frame that’s between 35 and 38 inches wide. If not, if you shop about, a contractor can extend the door frame to suit the dimensions of the Bunker door for a reasonable fee.

The thickness of the door frame is the final measurement. Measure the total thickness of the frame without including the trim by opening the door all the way and measuring the total thickness of the frame.


One thing to keep in mind with vault doors is that they all come with their frame, making them easy to install in your home. It is a device with this great technology that doesn’t need to be installed by a professional. Hiring experienced contractors for any work in your home, but also believe in saving thousands of dollars wherever possible. With the vault door, you have the best security!

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