Frequently asked questions

Try to avoid installing the product in a humid area or where there are extreme temperature differences. Make sure to handle the equipment with care and that it does not get wet. Make sure that the product is level during installation. Make sure to keep your passcode safe and do not share it with others. Keep the manual and key(s) in a safe place. Install in a stable area where there is no electrical current Install in an area where there is no direct sunlight. This may cause discoloration.
2The client left without closing the safe-deposit box door.
Please make sure that this does not occur. Should this occur, please let the client know that this is their responsibility. Once the administrator is made aware of this issue, take a picture of the door, and then close it.
3I forgot the safe-deposit box administrator ID.
An administrator other than the one who lost their ID must log in. Select the user name and ‘change’ button and then select “next”. When the “administrator authentication” page pops up, then authenticate the other administrator. You can check the ID on the information page.
4The safe-deposit box system administrator ID is not generating.
An ID that has been deleted once cannot be regenerated. Please use a different ID.
5The safe-deposit box system’s touch monitor is not working.
There is another touch-signal cable in addition to the system unit and video cable. If the screen is visible but the touch monitor is not working, then it is likely that this touch-signal cable is missing. Please make sure that the line has been properly connected.
6The safe-deposit box system (PC) will not boot.
This may be due to a lack of use if the computer has not been turned on for a long period of time, or it may be due to a line or wire not being plugged in. Please check whether all lines are plugged in.
7What should be done in the case of a safe-deposit box system (PC) run-time error?
This is caused not because of a general safe-deposit box system error, but rather a Windows OS issue. Close all programs and reboot your computer.
8What should be done to turn off the red light in the safe-deposit box 08when the client has not brought their key and logs in through the system 08authentication?
In the case where the client has not brought with them a key after the first authentication (the lamp in the safe-deposit box is on, and the screen will show that the safe is in use), press the “0” button on the lower right hand side of the keyboard and the first authentication will reset (The lamp will turn off).
9The passcode has been correctly entered and the green light is lit, 09but the door refuses to open.
If the green light is on, then the passcode is correct. The battery may be dead. Please change the batteries and try again.
10When is the emergency door used?
The emergency door can be used as a temporarily exit during a power failure if the main door will not open for whatever reason. Please check the manual for the emergency door. After using the door, please make sure to close it, and then lock the dial and lever. Otherwise, the main door will not function.
11Where is the emergency exit for SVD-3086?
When the left-side door is closed, the emergency door key hole is visible. When the right-side door is closed, the emergency door key is visible.
12(SVD-3098, 3086) After the safe is opened or closed, 12the monitor continues making noises.
The motor will pause when the middle ‘stop’ button is pressed. Then call customer service and an employee will help you with the next steps.
13(SVD-3098) When the ‘open’ button is pressed, there is a sound 13but the door will not open.
Push the circular handle inwards to open. (If the circular handle is set forward, then it is manual, if it is set inward, then it is automatic)
14The vault door (SVD-3098) dial is locked, but the door opens.
There is an emergency dial hidden underneath the two dials. Open the wall box with a key, raise the lever, and lock the emergency dial. This is the only way to ensure the door does not open.
1515Where is the electronic switch on the automatic door of the SVD-3100?
There will be a switch on the left or right side of the gap.
16How is the safety vault door (SVD-3100) emergency exit used?
First, open the wall box with the key. Set the dial number, turn the key to the right, turn the handle to the right. The front lamp will turn on. Once the front lamp comes on, lock the wall box and press the open switch (in the case of a power outage, push the door open).
17Where is the emergency exit for safety vault door (SVD-3100)?
There is an emergency door key hole in the middle of the door.
18The electric lock for the safety vault door (SVD-3100) works without an issue 18but the door will not open.
Before entering the electronic lock password, check whether the key has been turned to the right. The key must first be turned to the right before the electronic lock can function. Once the key is turned to the right, there must be a ‘clunking’ sound.
19Is there anything to keep in mind when setting the dial?
Make sure that the dial and the numbers align perfectly. When aligning the dial and number, make sure that you are working on a level surface in order to minimize error. Should the surface not be level, the possibility of error increases and the dial may not unlock. If the door refuses to open even when the dial is unlocked and the dial number is correct, then please call customer service.
20After three failed attempts with the safety vault door electronic lock password, 20the lock does not work.
For security purposes, Shinjin Safe’s electronic locks have been made to lock you out for 10 minutes after 3 failed attempts. Please try again after 10 minutes If you have forgotten your password please check the instruction manual or call customer service.
21It is difficult to set the dial number.
1] In the case of an ‘Elbow’ dial, in which it is possible to change the password For this dial, you must set it to the 4 numbers as written on the code chart as you turn it to the left, then the right, then left, then right again.
1. Turn the dial to the left 4 times so that it ends up on the first number.
2. Slowly turn the dial to the right, pass the 2nd number twice, and then on the 3rd turn set it on the 2nd number(if the first and second number are set close together, even turning it slightly too much will count as having passed the first number.)
3. This time, slowly turn the dial left; pass the number once, and then set it on the number on the 2nd turn.
4. Turn slowly to the right and set on the 4th number. If done correctly, there should be a sense of the dial sticking. Turn slightly more to the right and there will be a point where it will not turn any further. * If you miss the number(s), then you will have to start from the beginning. 2] In the case of a NON-CHANGEABLE dial where it is not possible to change the password, follow the same instructions as above, but in different directions for each step.
22How do you change the password?
Please see the instruction manual provided in the customer service section of our webpage. It is available for download. If the instruction manual does not provide enough help, please call customer service.
233I’ve lost my key. What should I do?
Please check if you have a spare key. If you do not, please call customer service.
24The inside of the safe is humid.
The inside of the fireproof safe was designed to seal fires, so humidity may occur when there is a huge temperature difference between the interior and the exterior. This presents no issue to the functioning of the safe. To prevent this, open the door from time to time and air out the interior.