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Top Leading Bank Safe Manufacturers in South Korea

Shinjin Safes Classic is among the leading Chinese bank safe manufacturers. Our bank safes are the epitome of safety and security that cannot be beaten.

Shinjin Safes Classic is a multipurpose security solutions provider. We manufacture an extensive range of safes and security products and give our customers security and installation services along with technical support expertise. We possess a fully-equipped service and production department that has a 24-hour response capacity.

Exceptional Security and Top Bank Safe Manufacturer

We have been successfully catering to our customers for the safety of their physical assets by bank safe manufacturers and other security products for ten years. Our products are distributed throughout South Korea and beyond. Our safes are utilized by commercial applications and retail markets, financial institutions, the hospitality industry, and security equipment dealers.

What Sets us Apart

At Shinjin Safes Classic we solve one issue: keeping your sensitive possessions and wealth secure. From precious jewels to hard-earned cash, we have modular and custom solutions that meet the requirements of

  • the largest banking institutions,
  • the most discriminating estates, and
  • the security demands of the hotels

Cost-effective pricing and the highest quality standards – including relevant ISO certifications-we are a symbol of manufacturing through technology.

Tide is Turning Towards Us

Today, more financial institutions and other security companies are turning to Shinjin Portable Safes Classic for our turnkey approach. We are among the bank safe manufacturers who, from engineering to installation, customize our vault and safe solution to meet our customers’ unique needs and situations.

Our superior production techniques, exceptional mechanical processes, and flawless customer service ensure a well-planned product execution every time.

Coupled with our competitive pricing, we are sure that we can provide more value to your investment compared to other bank safe manufacturers in the industry.

A luxurious automatic touch-type safe-deposit box for VIPS.

Shinjin Safe’s touch-type safe-deposit box NT-1082
is the world’s first digital locking safe-deposit box.



A 24 hour-operated security system signals an alert to the bank supervisors
regarding any malfunctions or intrusions, preventing outside attacks before they occur.

Fingerprint verification was enhanced by equipping it with anti-fingerprint forging technology,
and adding real-time surveillance to alert authorities in case of abnormal signals, malfunctions and forced entry.

Hotel safe


There is a two-part verification method in place.
In addition to an exterior verification, each of the interior doors are opened by password,
ensuring that electric malfunctions such as shock and bugs are prevented.

Hotel safe

Data check

The customer’s user information (with the exception of passwords)
and any error messages will be entered into the database, and can later be printed.

Hotel safe

Hotel safe


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