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Quality Hotel Safe Manufacturers in South Korea

As a prominent hotel safe manufacturers in South Korea, Shinjin Safes Classic is dedicated to offering electronic security solutions to the hospitality industry. We serve hotel facilities where people require smart security solutions.

We offer multi-purpose safes to hotels. It includes:

Weapons safe

Rotary safe

Mini Safe

Advantages of Our Hotel Safe

Our safe prevents your stuff from dubious visitors.

While your customer is staying in a hotel, they can even have uninvited colleagues and guests visiting their hotel room. Having our safe in a hotel room enables guests to have peace of mind and they can enjoy their time while the valuables are kept in a hidden place.

Safe Experience

With a safe in a hotel room, your customer won’t need to worry about loss of belongings or accusing somebody like cleaners or even visitors blindly for stealing their valuables. Our hotel Safe can help guests feel safe by putting their precious items inside the safe.

To give your clients a sense of security, you need us as your hotel safe manufacturers.

Why Choose Us Among Other Chinese Hotel Safe manufacturers

  • Shinjin Safes Classic designs & builds high-quality and state-of-the-art safes that aim to continuously enhance the overall guest experience and lower down operating costs.
  • A diverse portfolio of products that includes vault doors, sage-deposit boxes , and access control solutions
  • We have an in-house production team
  • All of our locks are built & tested to sustain extreme temperatures and wear & tear
  • All of our circuit boards within locks are produced in-house
  • All products are assembled, designed, and tested in-house

Serve Your Customers with the Best Safes

Like our vault doors, all our hotel safes are designed and 100% made in South Korea by highly capable craftsmen in our manufacturing facility. We are among the few hotel safe manufacturers to offer high-security, safes for a wide range of hospitality sectors.

A premium touch-type hotel safe fit for any luxury hotel

With its sleek black and white color and avant-garde design,
the safe is sure to enhance any hotel.
It boasts top notch-security and attention to detail.


A touch-type lock system befitting a premium safe deposit box
High-gloss white premium finish
A round, avant-garde design

 Hotel Safe Manufacturers


Size : 90 X 110 X 160 (mm)
Weight : 800mg
Material : Steel
Color : Yellow, Black, Gray, Green, Emerald , Red


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