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Shinjin Safes Classic is a leading Chinese portable safe supplier. Protect records, laptops, cash, and other valuables with a range of portable safes from us. Add a layer of security to your office, store, or facility with our genuine portable safes.

We offer portable safes that are constructed of durable material in a broad range of sizes. You can bolt them down for extra security and pick from either electronic lock or combination styles. Shop from us today!

Range of Safes Waiting for you

Apart from being a top portable safe supplier, we also offer several other security safes. These include:

Our Manufacturing Processes and Standards

Our manufacturing process is constantly improved with new barrier stuff that is lighter, slimmer, and cheaper than existing materials to reach optimum quality and efficiency.

Safes or vaults are awarded a certain Grade for burglary resistance. The grading system is crucial as the contents under safes will only be insured for the correct value if a safe carry an appropriate grade.

As the ratings for insurance differ from one country to another, the insurance details will be checked with your local contact.

Customers’ Favorite

We are favorites among small-scale safe providers. Our commercial value and security features lure businesses to keep coming and buy from us.

Why You Should Trust Us

We are among the prominent brands for safes in China. Trusted all over China, Shinjin Safes Classic has been protecting cash, people, and valuables for over ten years.

As a portable safe supplier, we are appreciated for our unique combination of reliability, robustness, and modern designs. We link experience in security with technological innovation to make trustworthy portable and other safes for maximum protection against fire, burglary, and explosives.

An easy to use and elegant safe-deposit box
was added into the exterior of a high-strength portable safe.

Shinjin has made it possible to install a safe-deposit box
even in limited spaces by designing a safe-deposit box within a large fireproof safe.



It is possible to use the safe even when additional anti-theft
and fireproof functions are needed in the safe-deposit box.
The safe-deposit box can be used in small shops that do not have much space to spare.
This box can be installed in all the safes produced by Shinjin Safes.


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